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Astore Valley (August 2015)

The Astore Valley is extraordinarily prestigious for its diverse natural resplendency and gateway to some of the world’s most delightful mountain resorts. This sparkling mountain town is arranged at a height of about 2600 meters in the northern region of Pakistan and is one of the six region of the Gilgit-Baltistan Province.

It is accessible from Gilgit through Jaglot in the North, Chital from the South and Skardu from the East and it can likewise be reached through the  Karakoram Highway. Be that as it may, its access to Skardu stays regular as a portion of the passes are hindered from December to March because of large amounts of  snowfall.

This wide valley is populated with more than 100 villages yet the most wonderful and well known towns include Chilam, Eid Gah, Bulen, Chongra and Tarashing. The entire territory contains rich green fields, tranquil atmosphere, wild forests, and depending on the season, fruits, for example, apples, cherries, apricots and almonds can likewise be found in good quantities. Individuals of these highlands are known to be decent and accommodating. The valley of Astore is additionally considered as trekker’s heaven. Strolling through a town of this valley on a fine sunny day in summer is quite an experience. Far from the hustle clamor of urban communities, guests will especially value the outstanding tranquil of this valley still safeguarded by the nature.

The excellence of Astore Valley is that it’s is close to a good number of other tourist site . From here, one can go to the world’s second highest plateau of Deosai, the massif of Nanga Parbat or the Fairy Meadows. Advancing South lies the Rama Valley and its excellent lake .The Astore town is a fantastic base for many climbing, trekking and jeep riding exercises. A wide territory beginning from the Nanga Parbat to Deosai and Kamri has enough delights for sightseers and adventure seekers. Astore valley is a place full of fanstatic story and you won’t want to miss out on it or allow someone enlighten you regarding it because firsthand experience is always the best experience. The best months to visit Astore emanate from June to September.

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