Phandar Valley - 2010

Time is what makes you choose life changing decisions and ultimately grow old with varied experiences. And one of the places you would love to experience first-hand is the phandar Valley. Phander Valley is a beautiful valley in the northern part of Pakistan. The valley is regularly called “Little Kashmir”, and it is situated in Ghizer valley area in Gilgit-Baltistan. It takes 5 to 6 hours from Gilgit to reach the valley. Phander Lake is a standout amongst the most renowned tourist spots and scenic valleys with easy access both from Gilgit and Chitral. A twisting road passing through luxuriant green fields and forest with a perspective of a streaming waterway and icy peaks will lead you to this enchanting valley. From springs of crystal clear waters to lakes and rivers of deep blue water, there are all colours of nature’s magnificence in Phandar Valley. Setting eyes on this valley will eliminate all weakness of trip and will revitalize you with its mesmerising views. The placid and tranquil deep blue waters of River Ghizer and the encompassing lavish green and brilliant fields are breathtaking. The climate of Phandar valley remains exceptionally lovely between June and July, and it is the perfect time to visit this valley because the magnificence of this valley goes at its crest amid these months.

Phander Valley is one of a kind. It contains all colours of nature, from the perspective of translucent waters to lakes and rivers of dark blue water. The dark blue lake in Phander offers a superb view and is essentially the home of trout fish.It is an exceptional valley having uncommon attributes like the levelness of the valley, fast flowing rivers and the phandar lake. It is a decent place to visit in summer and furthermore the best place to catch trout in Gilgit. A motel of PTDC is arranged at a little slope alongside the road to encourage sightseers.

There are likewise various Glaciers in this valley however they are not as renowned as it obliges mountaineering to reach to them. Two beautiful and very large glaciers are  ‘Ghonogh Glacier’ and ‘Gha cherkick’. These two glaciers are the fundamental sources of water irrigation for the valley. There are numerous lakes (no less than one lake following a drive of 30 minutes). Phandar Lake, ‘Kinisoteko lake’, ‘Shahimal lake‘ are some of the beautiful and noteworthy lakes. When you Close your eyes, and you don’t step back in time, you just realise that time does not matter in Phander because everyone and everything there moves at its pace.

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