Dharamsar Lake - July 2015

Natural, Beautiful, Stunning, Wondering Lakes in Pakistan

lakes in pakistanLakes in Pakistan

Pakistan has been endowed with some of the spectacular, tourist attraction in the world, and is also known as home to many natural and man made lakes and reservoirs, which are incomparable to any other in its natural beauty, stunning and breathtaking views, and wonderful and unforgettable scenes. Where there are many natural lakes in Pakistan, many reservoirs adds the magic beauty and is the point of attraction to tourist from all over world
Below is the list of Natural Lakes, and Reservoirs in Pakistan, which have great attraction to tourist.


Lakes in Pakistan
Article Name
Lakes in Pakistan
Most comprehensive list of Lakes and Reservoirs in Pakistan.
Waqas Abid
Attractive Pakistan
Attractive Pakistan
Ghorashe Lake
18 Hadero Lake
19 Haleji Lake
20 Hamal Lake
21 Handarap Lake
22 Hanna Lake
23 Hrkolong Lake
24 Hub Lake
25 Izmis Lake
26 Jahlar Lake
27 Kallar Kahar
28 Karambar Lake
29 Katora Lake
30 Katpanah lake
31 Keenjhar Lake
32 Khabikki Lake
33 Khalti Lake
34 Khanpur Lake
35 Kundol Lake
36 Lower Kachura Lake
37 Lulusar Lake
38 Mahodand Lake
39 Manchar Lake
40 Mangla Lake
41 Manthar Lake
42 Naltar lakes
43 Namal Lake
44 Payee Lake
45 Phander Lake
46 Pyala Lake
47 Rama Lake
48 Ratti Gali Lake
49 Rawal Lake
50 Rush Lake
51 Saidgai Lake
52 Saiful Malook Lake
53 Saral Lake
54 Satpara Lake
55 Shakoor Lake
56 Shandur Lake
57 Sheosar Lake
58 Shonter Lake

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