Lake Saif ul Malook-Most Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing Lakes of Pakistan

Saif ul Malook Lake - May 2016

Lake Saif ul Malook

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Lake Saif ul Malook is a mountainous lake located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, near the town of Naran (at a distance of around 8 kilometers / 5 Miles). It is in the north east of Mansehra District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. At an elevation of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level, it is well above the tree line, and is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan.

Lake Saif ul Malook is a famous tourist resort, and well known for the associated story of a Persian prince Saif ul Malook. The lake with its majestic and mesmerizing natural beauty, pleasant atmosphere and associated tale and history, attracts thousands of tourists & visitors each year from all around the world during the summer. The entire water of the lake is one mile in diameter and the lake gives an oval shape. The lake holds multiple species of the fish and is rich in eco-diversity. The famous fish of the lake is trout fish.

The best time to visit Lake Saif ul Malook is from June & July. It remains covered in snow during winter even until Early May, and the road to the lake stays closed due to heavy snow fall. The weather of the lake Saif ul Malook remains always pleasant even in the summer season. In the month of July till August, the temperature shows the 15C; however, at the night time it drops to 3C. In the cold winter, the lake remains frozen due to the heavy snowfall. The road transportation in not accessible during the winter season but for the trekkers, lake is accessible.However, Tourists go throughout the year even in December/January, which is normally the snow fall season  and the temperature fells up to -20 C.

On foot, the trek from Naran to the lake takes about 3-6 hours.This option is only for those who are fit enough to climb about 3000 feet in eight kilometers. Trekking is real fun. There is huge glacier on the way and crossing it is both adventure and fun.

The magical lake of glaciers is open for the tourists only in the months starting from June to September. The lake Saif ul Malook is accessible through a 4×4 jeep from the Naran valley. The jeeps are easily available in the bazaars and the destination is around 9 kilometer away. The entire journey takes almost one hour to reach to the lake spot. The entire distance is full of natural beauty that captivates the attention of the viewer and is usually recommended to give a walk.

Locals claim that the depth of the lake is more than one kilometer but there is no proof of it. If it’s really one kilometer then it must be named as the eighth wonder of the world because simply this depth is unimaginable. Many divers and teams have tried to find out the depth of the lake but none of them succeeded. It is an alpine lake, which means that the water of the lake is clear and there is no algae or mosses in the lake because they would not survive the depth.

The lake has rich eco-diversity and holds many species of blue-green algae. Large brown trout are found in the lake. About 26 species of vascular plant exist in the area, with Asteraceae the most commonly found specie. Other species commonly found in the region are: Ranunculaceae, Compositae, Cruciferae, Gramineae, Apiaceae,Leguminosae, Scrophulariaceae and Polygonaceae

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  2. […] Lake Saif ul Malook-Most Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing Lakes of Pakistan […]

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