FAIRY MEADOWS – The Place of Fairies

`Fairy Meadows (May 2015)

Greatly known for its beautiful luxuriant green plateau, the World’s ninth largest mountain Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain) is situated in Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan area, Pakistan. The place was first called Fairy Meadows in the year 1953 by Hermann Bhul, an Australian climber because of its hypnotising magnificence. He was here to climb to the pinnacle of Nanga Parbat. He turned out to be the first man to summit the mountain. This place is also often referred to as “Paradise on Earth” because of its unrivalled excellence and beauty

A night stay or camping in the traditionally developed wooden cabin at Fairy Meadows with a stunning panoramic view of the majestic Nanga Parbat’s North face is an exceptionally elegant and delightful experience; and even much more in clear blue skies and full moon. The full moonlight reflecting from the humongous icy pinnacle demonstrates the real significance of nature’s beauty, excellence and tranquil.

The primary or main stop close to this marvellous place is Raikot Bridge. It is situated at the height of about four thousand feet (1400 meters) above ocean level and about 336 miles from the capital of Pakistan (Islamabad), when approaching the meadow via Karakoram Highway. From Raikot Bridge, a local jeep can be hired to reach Tattu Village. It will take about half an hour of energising and exhilarating adventure to reach Tattu Village. From Tattu, the route becomes somewhat excessively thin for a jeep, making it impossible to travel by car, yet not exceptionally troublesome for trekking. Following a few hours of trekking, you’ll arrive at Fair y Meadows.

There are a number of lodges and hotels available to accommodate tourists in Fairy Meadows. The majority of them of are accessible at exceptionally reasonable costs. Although a couple of the lodges and hotels are quite expensive. Many sightseers enjoy lodging in tents on grassy fields

It is also pertinent to know that victuals are a bit costly here when contrasted with the more urban areas. Be that as it may, the accessibility of food in this remote area makes it worth every penny.

The best time to see Fairy Meadows is between the beginning of July and middle of August. The place tends to be difficult to reach in winter because of substantial snowfall.

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FAIRY MEADOWS - The Place of Fairies
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