Humans are not machines, and today’s the corporate world is leading the humanity closer to machine day by day. Todays’ research shows, that the people who make time for themselves and moves around to see this beautiful world, and the creations of Nature and Human, are more successful in their social and official life. A trip gives you unnoticeable information and pleasure. Every man should especially a jobber should try to plan a visit 2-3 times each year. However, many people complaint that planning a trip is not easy for them. For this, we are giving you some very valuable Tips for Planning a Trip, which would ease your planning process.

Impact of Travel
Impact of Travel
  1. Budgetize your Time and Money :

For any trip in your life, the most two important factors are TIME and MONEY. So before planning any trip, first look at your calendar, and see if you have some time available for yourself. Once you finalize that you have time, then have a look at your pocket and guess, how much money you can spent on any trip. Don’t try to finalize your budget for any prospective trip, just estimate/budget you trip maximum cost

Time & Money
Time & Money

  1. When, Where and with Whom to go

Once you pass through the first step, now its time to decide the following three Ws

  1. When

When you have time to go for a trip. If you have a strict schedule, plan for it, and don’t miss the opportunity. However, if you have multiple options, then before finalizing discuss with your potential co-travelers look at the following factors:

When to Travel
When to Travel
    • Ease to others co-travelers
    • Weather Conditions
    • Other local festivals / vacations etc.
  1. Where

Discuss it with your co-travelers, and decide where you want to go. Now you have the maximum budget idea of cost and time, so plan it accordingly and try to utilize these resources by 80%, and keep 20% for your rest and unexpected challenges which might be waiting for you to welcome you.

Where to go Next
Where to go Next
  1. With Whom

You have a social circle and family. Now its time to decide with whom you want to go, either with your family or with your friends/colleagues or surprisingly you may decide to go ALONE as well. That’s all depend where you want to go, e.g. for a trip which includes hiking, you will be preferring you friends over your family, and for a trip for beautiful landscapes, and sculptures, historical places your first choice may be your family, and a trip for exploring some spirituality you would be going Alone.

Travel with Whom?
Travel with Whom
  1. Discussing and Finalizing

Once you go through step two, then discuss it with all stakeholders, and make your plan final. Try to accommodate with others opinions and reach at same level of understanding and cooperation with each other’s. having differences in the outcome may ruin your trip.

  1. Gather Information

Once your plan is final, try to get the maximum information about the locality where you are going. Get their local norms and cultures, the myths of those areas, the weather conditions, the easily available food at this place, the living styles etc. the more information you have, the more good it would be.

  1. How to Travel?

Now it’s time to plan your travel. You might go to your destination on a air flight, train, bus or even on your own conveyance. All these have different level of enjoyment and have different cost. Align it with your budget and accommodate the opinions of other participants. For a group of persons, travel through train or own conveyance is normally preferred over air flights.

How to Travel
How to Travel
  1. Places to Visit!

You might have more than one places to visit in your trip. So make a list of all the possible places, where you wish to go and then prioritize it. While making the list to visit, the information gathered (as suggested in step 4) would be very useful.

Places to Visit
Places to Visit
  1. What to Eat & Drink

Often it happens, you go on a trip, and then suddenly your stomach get upset, or your catch flu. This is a horrible thing while you are enjoying your trip. The most common factor in such a non-wishing incident is your food. If you have some doubt about the availability of the food as per your requirement, make some alternate arrangements. Further it is always preferred that you should eat less during your trip, it would keep you active and healthy.

  1. Packaging for your Trip

Once the above things are done, start packaging well before your departure time. If you need something for your trip, go to market and purchase it. Don’t leave it to purchase while departing. Do it as early as you can, and finalize your luggage.

  1. Booking in Advance

If you are travelling other than your own conveyance, make booking of your travel in advance. Similarly if possible, make your accommodation booking in your trip in advance, so you can save your time in finding and selecting the accommodation for you.

  1. Recharge your batteries with extra supplies

Nowadays, a trip is like a salt less dish without Photo-Taking equipment and your cells. So don’t forget to take chargers with you. It is also highly recommended if you can carry extra supplies of batteries with you.

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