Deosai – Land of Giants

Deosai - September 2015

Deosai is a tourist centre that is situated in the Astore District in Gilgit-Baltistan, the Northern Pakistan. It’s a beautiful spot to visit. Words cannot portray the excellence of this place. It is Encompassed by the huge mountains of the Himalayas. Deosai whose meaning is the “Land of Giant”  is notable for its spring season when it is covered by a carpet of a million flowers and a  wide variety of butterflies. In Deosai, there is the Deosai National Park which was set up to protect  endangerd bear species, the Deosai Plains which is the second-highest plateau in the world and is commonly called  the roof of the world and furthermore the Sheosar Lake which is exceptionally delightful and is situated in the Deosai plain making it one of the most astounding lakes in the world. This plain is reputed as one of the last frontiers of natural habitat for the brown bear of the Himalayas.

Deosai has got something for everybody. Home to no less than two noteworthy lakes, two majors water channels and endless types of flora and fauna. This place is an obvious visit centre for nature lovers, campers and adventurers. Fish, Birds, butterflies, mammals are found there. It is the heaven for wild and natural life lovers. The variety of mammals found here are the Himalayan Musk Deer,Golden Marmot, Pika, brown bear, migratory hamster, leopard and ermine. Golden Eagle, longer Vulture, Griffon Vulture, lager, peregrine, kestrel (kind of small falcon) Indian sparrow, hawk and snow cock.

The Deosai plain Connects Skardu with Astore, at the height of roughly 13500 feet and has a stunning stretch of domain spreading over around 3000 KM square. Deosai is a beauty to behold, an utterly unspoilt beauty. It’s a real contrast from the mountains that you will turn out to be so acquainted with on your travels through Pakistan. Be it summers, fall and late spring, daylight, snowfall, rain, day and night with full moon, Deosai’s astonishing scene presents an altogether different face in each setting. So to put it plainly, it is truly a wonder of nature and is a perfect place to take a few days off from life’s busy routine.

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