Kondol Lake – Lake Saiful Malook of Swat Valley

Kondol Lake November 2014

Kondol Lake

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Kondol Lake, seems to be an exact duplicate of Lake Saiful Malook, have almost the same size and appearance and have similar surrounding mountains. Like Saiful Malook Lake, it is also feeded by huge water streams from its eastern side, where huge glaciers are. However, the environment is very calm as there are very few tourists / visitors as compared to saif ul malook lake. It is one of the undisturbed lake in Swat Valley yet because of difficult but beautiful trek. This lake is also known as Kundol Dand

The lake is located in the north of Utror Valley in the lap of Hindukush Mountains at an elevation of 9,500 feet and at a distance of around 19 KM from Kalam Valley. The trail to the lake from Ladu is easy to follow as a large stream flows down from the lake, also known as Utror River, which merges with River Swat in Kalam valley. On the trek to Kondol lake, lush green forests, picturesque spots and gushing waterfalls welcome one’s to the region. The mountains around the lake are covered by thick blanket of vegetation that enhances the beauty of the lake very much.

The trail to the lake from Ladu is easy to follow as a huge stream flows down from the lake. It goes beside the stream and leads you to the lake. The trail is a joy to walk on but proper care should be taken because one accidental slip can prove fatal.

The landscapes during the early dawn are very compelling and thought provoking. The radiant rays of the nascent sun, the cool waves of morning breeze, the distant calls of mysterious birds, the shimmering blue water of the lake and the tranquil atmosphere are the countless gifts of nature. The atmosphere transforms dramatically when the night falls. The sky during night is extremely clear and the minutest star can be observed with naked eye. During full moon, the dim and cool light of the bright moon transforms the whole atmosphere like magic. The panoramic galaxies of stars twinkle and sparkle in crystal clear skies.

Two other lakes, Khapiro (Faries), and Spin khwar (White Stream) are located in the peripheries of Kundal Lake and can be accessed through the lake in five to six hours. If you wish to hike all these three lakes in a single tour, then it will take almost four days to complete this exasperating and exhausting adventure and it would be worthy enough as well to remember throughout your life.

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