Mahodand Lake – Beautiful and Amazing Lakes in Swat, Pakistan

Mahodand Lake -August 2015

Mahodand Lake

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Mahodand Lake is a lake in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 40 km from Kalam and lies at the foothills of Hindu kush mountains at an elevation of 9,603  ft(2,850 meters). The lake is approximately two kilometers long and is surrounded by the meadows, mountains and dense forests.

The Mahodand lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountain and gives rise to Ushu River. During the winter, the Mahodand lake freezes and remains covered by heavy snow. In the summers, the basin of the lake remains surrounded by a sheet of alpine flowers like geum, blue poppy, potentilla and gentian. Apart from it, the lake is encircled by diverse pinus species which serves as abode for wild birds. Similarly, the lake contains abounding trout fishes.

The road to Mahodand lake is tricky and bumpy but surrounding area allows you to explore more and more.

The small hamlets that are scattered in the mountains and the bellowing smoke that spirals into the sky from the houses are awesome. The valley is long and wide and touches Chitral boundary in the extreme North. There is proper track through which trekkers can either reach Shandoor Top or Gazar in Chitral.

Keep your warm clothes, because even in summers the temperature over there is very cold. There are many activities to do there like boating, trekking and hiking.

Briefly, Mahodand Lake is an artistic gift of nature and a wonderful place one must visit.  The magnificent landscapes, the canopy of tall cedar trees,  the thunderous waterfalls, the glittering lakes, the sky touching mountain and the out of the ordinary fragrance of flowers and herbs the tasty trout fist  over there  leaves such strong memories on the mind that the everyone loves to visit it again and again.

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