Utror Valley – Beautiful Places & Valleys to Visit in Swat, Pakistan

Utror Valley - July 2015

Utror Valley – Beautiful Sub-Valley & place to visit in Swat Valley of Pakistan

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Utror Valley is 16 km from Kalam Valley and is surrounded by Gabral and Bhan valleys on the east, upper Dir district on the west, Kalam valley on the south and Gabral valley on the north. The altitude of the valley at Utror proper is 2300 meters and reaches to 2900 meters at Kandol Lake.

It is one of the beautiful region in Kalam, surrrounded by snow clad mountains, lush green pastures and gushing waterfalls. The area has a typical dry temperate zone climate. The winter season is very cold and as a result most residents o the upper parts migrate to lower areas along their live stock.  The coldest months are December, January and February during which snow falls are frequent. The valleys remain under snow cover for about four months. June, July and August are the hottest months of the year while during September and October, the climate is very pleasant.

Utror river is the main river of Utror and Gabral valleys which meets Ushu river at Kalam, thus giving rise to Swat river. While moving from Kalam upward, the major tributary of Utror river is Anakar river from Anakar valley. Utror river is formed by the combination of Ladu river and Gabral river near the village of Utror. Ladhu river is originally arisen from the famous Kandole Lake. Desan khawar and Battal khawar are the notable tributaries of Ladhu river. Gabral river has arisen from Gabral Sin and Gul Abad Sin.

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