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Leepa Valley - May 2012

Leepa Valley – A Land of Dreams

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Leepa Valley is famous for its cascaded terraces of rice fields. The crop is cultivated in summer and is ready for harvest in September end when it turns golden. The Valley is considered to be most fascinating and charming place in Azad Kashmir by tourists as have many wonderful touristic scenes. It has high mountains covered with pine trees. All over the valley, there are high walnut trees adding yellow, red and orange colors to the scenery, there are also yellow herbs and shrubs tucked nicely into green vegetation comprising of large conifer trees, adding variety to this miracle of changing colors during autumn in the valley. Throughout the winter season the valley remains covered with snow. Best Season to visit this beautiful valley is from May to November.

Leepa Valley is accessible from 2 high altitude passes named Reshian Pass and Daokhan Pass and is situated at a distance of 45 KM from Muzaffarabad at an altitude of 1921 meters and is close to LoC between Pakistan & India.

The one who visit here cannot easily come out from the magical stance of the beauty of this valley. The green mountains of the valley are full of pine trees and present a charming and picturesque view to visitors.

This is one of the most fascinating & loveliest place in Azad Kashmir, which spell bounds everyone who visits this valley and offers an unending variety of scenic spectacular beauty, an everlasting memory of sights and sounds & the unforgettable hospitality of its people

The Valley offers an unending variety of scenic spectacular beauty and one gains an everlasting memory of sights and sounds as well as the unforgettable hospitality of its people. The valley remains open for domestic tourists from May to November.
The highest peak in this valley is Shmasa Bari, which remains snowbound throughout the year.
The valley is divided into the Reshian,Dao Khan, Leepa, and Chananian sections. All these villages equally contribute to a wonderful mosaic of patterns. Leepa is also famous for its distinctive Kashmiri style architecture, mostly in the form of 3 storied wooden houses.

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