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Other Places in Kaghan Valley-June 2014

Other Places in Kaghan Valley

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If you have time to spend and explore Other Places in Kaghan Valley , here is the list. Some Places listed below are famous and some are newly explored and not known to everyone. Some are for hiking or just view point. You may get more details be searching on interent and disucssing with your tour operator/ guide.

  • Batakundi. It comes after naran valley to Jalkhad, and have many hotels to stay.
  • Besal /Baisal. It is a small village and is the basecamp / starting point of many treks in Naran Valley e.g. for the hiking trip to Dudipatsar Lake, noori Top etc.
  • Jalkhad. It also comes during your journey from Naran to Babusar Top. It is famous due to its magnificent viewpoint. It has one resturant (desi and simple, however, have good taste). The Path to Noori top also starts from here.
  • Piyala Lake. It is a small lake (or you can say a pond) in a form of Cup,  near Jalkhad and offers a good view, especially if seen from the top of the road.
  • Sambaksar or Sambaskar Lake 
  • Surkhail Lake
  • Madayaan
  • Malika Parbat, also known as queen of mountains, is the famous and most visible peak from Lake Saiful Malook and Lalazar. if you trek towards Ansu Lake, you just passes from its base, and gets a memorable view.
  • Pabrinar. While your hiking trip to Dudipatsar, when you start from Besal/Jalkhad, this leads to you Purbinar (Pabrinar) 
  • Rajowal
  • Fairy Land Naran. It is a newly explored area.
  • Musa ka Musalla (Mosses Mat) 
  • Mulla Ki Basti  
  • Gitidas Plain. It is Beautiful landscape valley, and in early summer season, presents unforegetable views, with river water forming deltas and the lush green wide area with mountains at distance. This would come under your journey to Dharamsar lake.
  • Balakot. Balakot is the gateway to Kaghan valley because Kaghan valley starts from Balakot. It is a historical town, a famous tourist destination of the region and the land of two Martryd Saints. This beautiful small town is situated on either banks of Kunhar river at the foot of the mountains that goes thousands of feet above. Journey from Abbottabad to Balakot is a charming experience. The road passes through beautiful green hills and thick forests. The views are spectacular
  • Kewai. It is 13 miles away from Balakot to Kaghan is Kawai in these 13 miles you’ll reach the altitude of 4000 feet starting from 3000 feet which means that you have covered 1000 feet of altitude in just 13 miles. This is a rest point, where you can take your breakfast or lunch or have some tea at a beautiful view of waterfall and with your feets in the fresh and cold flowing water of the mountains.
  • Saral Lake: Saral Lake is at an elevation of 3500 meters and at a treking distance of 5-6 hours from Dudipatsar Lake. From Saral Lake, one can continue to  Noori Top, descend to Neelum Valley or came back via Dudipatsar Lake.
  • Sat Sar Mala (6 lakes in one place) – the epitome of merging waters.
  • Manna Meadows: Manna meadows is really beautiful place full of natural beauty, it is located very right side of Makra mountain. Atleast 4 hours taught hiking from Paye meadows you can explore this beautiful place. Manna Meadows is 8000 feet above from sea level. Its lush green meadows where u can get the many aspects of natural beauty. Best season to come this place is August when u can find out hundred of flowers at the meadow.
  • Siran Valley. From Paras, (a small village on the main kaghan jalkhad road) you can hike through the forest or trek overnight across beautiful Siran Valley.  
  • Mahandri: Mahandri is 46 kilometers from Balakot. The Manoer Nala joins river Kunhar at this place. It is a starting point for trekking route to Kuch Gali and Manoor Peak.
  • Manoor Valley: Manoor Valley is a beautiful remote valley in the Kaghan area. It is accessible via a jeep road from Mahundari. There is a forest department rest house in the Manoor Valley called Manoor Bangla.
  • Shingri Top

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