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Noori Top (August 2014)

Noori Top

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Noori Top, is the 2nd highest pass in Kaghan Valley, with an alititude of approximately 12,500 ft. from sea level. It is the border of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province and Kashmir. The track to Nooori Top starts from Jalkhad (in Naran Valley) and ends near Sharda in Kashmir Valley.

The track of Nuri Top can be either covered thought hiking or 4WD Jeeps / Vehicles. At many points, track is so narrow, that only one vehicle can go, and in case of a vehicle coming from opposite side, then one have to stop at a widened patch so other can go first. It takes around 1:30 hour from Jalkhad to the reach the top on a 4WD Vehicle. During this journey, you would find beautiful scenic views, and amazing snow capped mountains.

This pass was built by the Pakistan Army during the Karghil War in 1998 and was under the use of Pak Army during the war. Now, this pass and top is used as a tourist spot. The Top offers marvelous views of Karghil Mountains and Kashmir on one side, and Naran Valley on other side, and this route has also been used by the army during the Karghil War.

The best season to visit is July to September. In all other months, the pass may be inaccessible through vehicles due to snow. Like other Passes, it presents different views in different season, i.e., Snow Capped Mountains in Winter and Early Summer, and lush green mountains in late summer. One should avoid to go on this track when it is raining heavily.

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