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Dharamsar Lake - July 2015

Dharamsar Lake

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 Dharamsar lake is located in the Kaghan valley at an altitutde of approximately 13,000 ft above sea level. It is a small but incredibly beautiful lake with snow-capped mountain. Dharam sar Lake is a marvel of natural beauty that you must see with your own eyes to believe. The peace on this place will leave you speechless and spellbound.

This lake is to the immediate left of Babusar Top, if you are coming from Chillas and if you are going to babusar top, then before Babusar Top, a jeep track turns to your right. The lake is around 45-60 minutes’ drive away from the start of this jeep track. The trek goes through very serene and picturesque valley, which would be remembered throughout your life. If you are on hiking, and exploring the spots yourself, then take a guide with you since many locals are also unfamiliar with the location of this charming lake.

It is also believed to be the starting point of river Kunhar, as this lake contributes to Rive Kunhar, and have no visible water flow in to this lake, as Jheel Saiful Malook or Lulusar Lake have. And no other farthest lake in this region contributes its water to River Kunhar.

This is a must visit place for all those who search for natural scenery and love the beauty of the mountains. While crossing through the Gitidas Plain while going to this lake, you can find different wild animals as well. And if you are lucky enough to have a snow drizzling weather during your visit to this marvellous lake, then this could become one of your unforgettable and one of the most pleasant experience of life.

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  1. […] Dharamsar Lake – Most Beautiful, Amazing & Wonderful Lakes […]

  2. […] Dharamsar Lake – Most Beautiful, Amazing & Wonderful Lakes […]

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