Behrain – Confluence of Daral River with Swat River

Behrain August 2011


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Behrain is at a drive of about 15 minutes from Madyan on the road from Swat to Kalam.  It is named as this place is the confluence of River Swat and River Daral, which also increases its beauty.  It offers superb view of gushing river Daral and its merging with river Swat. Behrain is around 10 KM in north of Madyan and around 60 KM from Mingora at an altitude of around 4,60 feet or 1,400 meter and is slightly higher then Madyan.

It is another popular riverside tourist resort, with bazaars worth exploring for their handicrafts. Many hotels and restaurants are also available. Tourists love to stop and shop or have a look around for beautiful carved wood chairs and tables and other handicrafts. It is also the base camp of a charming and beautiful trail that leads to Daral Lake and Saidgai Lake.

Some of the houses have carved wooden doors, pillars and balconies. These show a remarkable variety of decorative motifs, including floral scrolls and bands of ornamental diaper patterns almost identical to those seen on Buddhist shrines and quite different from the usual Muslim designs.

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