Shounter Lake & Shounter Valley – Gem of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Shounter Lake - October 2014

 Shounter Lake & Valley – Gem of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

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Shounter Lake is a  small, but very scenic and lovely lake located in Shounter Valley. This is a sub valley of Neelam Valley, Kashmir, Pakistan at the elevation of 10,200 feet (3,100 m). The lake is fed by the surrounding mountains glacial waters. The lake is encircled by snow coated mountains, green grass vegetation and specimens of Iris hookeriana are dispersed around the lake. This lake is accessible from Kel town of Neelum valley, by a jeepable track (of around 2:30 to 3:00 hours). However, this road remains open only in summer.

A side valley from Neelum Valley leads the way to this lake. This side valley is called Shounter Valley. Shounter Valley is  Located in Upper Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. From this valley, one can go to Sarveli peak base camp, chitta katta lake or cross the Shounter pass into Astore.

 This heavenly place has many picturesque and stunning places to see and visit. The landscape is so breathtaking that one don not want to leave the valley once reached there.

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