Arang Kel & Kel- Pearl of Neelum Valley, AJK, Pakistan

Arang Kel - November 2015

Arang Kel & Kel – Pearl of Neelum Valley, AJK, Pakistan

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Azad Kashmir is truly considered a heaven on the face of Earth and Arrang Kel is a prearl of Neelum Valley. Kel and Arang Kel are two different places. Kel is a normal place, but Arang Kel worth to visit. Kel Valley is at an elevation of 6,880 feet (2,097 meters). Kel is a sub-valley of the Neelum Valley and it lies parallel to the Line of Control (LoC), between India and Pakistan. It is a hilly area which is prone to land-sliding during the summers (especially in the Monsoon season). Moreover it is an elevated place so is likely to get a significant snowfall in the winters, which can cause the temporary road blockade.

Arran Kel is located at a plateau at an altitude of 8,379 feet (2,554 meter), which comes after trekking of almost two hours (3KM / 1.9Miles) from Kel city. Arrang Kel is a charismatic, fantastic and majestic village in a sophisticated valley. It is a summer Hill Station and a breathe-taking Tourist place. The Valley is also accessible by a lift, which takes a just few minutes.

It is Jungle Valley (Musk Deer Forest) and nature bestows upon it generously with the thick forests, rare wild animals, lofty trees, green grass and meandering treks which enhances the beauty of its landscape manifolds. Arangkel and its surrounding forest is ever largest flat terrace in Neelum Valley. Arangkel remained an attractive destination for tourist from all over the country.  The local people are very polite and educated. The nights of Arang Kel are simply astounding, full of stars beaming high in the sky against a black backdrop. It is an amalgamation of colors and landscapes, and provides you with a peaceful ambiance.

Here are few reasons why a trip to Arang Kel is a must.

  • Trek to Arang Kel
  • Birch Forest, habitat of the endangered Musk Deer
  • Unique Homes: Families live on the top floors & animals are stored in bottom
  • Lund Sar Lake
  • Sky full of stars
  • Arang Kel Waterfall

In the whole Neelum Valley, Arang Kel is one of the most favorite place and it must be because it had a spell binding effect. The beauty of this valley cant be written , the calmness cant be expressed , the serenity cant be conveyed here! Paying a Visit is must to Feel the real charm of  the valley.

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