Ratti Gali Lake – The Dream Lake – Stunning Lakes in Kashmir, Pakistan

Ratti Gali Lake - August 2014

Ratti Gali Lake Click here to see the Complete Gallery of Ratti-Gali Lake The Ratti Gali Lake is an alpine glacial lake (lake formed with the water of melting glacier), which is located in Neelum Valley of Kashmir, Pakistan at an altitude of 12,130 feet (3,700 m). The lake is fed by the surrounding glacier […]

Chitta Katha Lake – Stunning Lake in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan)

Chitta Katha Lake - August 2013

Chitta Katha Lake Click Here to see the complete Gallery of Chitta-Katha Lake Chitta Katha Lake is located in Sharda in Shounter valley of Azad Kashmir(Pakistan) at an elevation of 13,500 feet (4,100 m). Chitta means White and Katha  means Stream/water reservoir, so the name means “White Water Reservoir”. The look of the lake with turquoise colored water and snow […]